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Applying for a job can be both hilarious and hellish

For the past 7 months I was trying to get a job. Which is even harder considering I live in Greece. And for the past 7 months I applied for hundreds…


Being a freelancer in Greece is like being in hell

First of all, let’s be clear with this: there are no jobs in Greece. Nada. Unemployment is rising every month — reached on October 27.8% breaking again all records and taking…


Flat UI, personality issues

Design has become much like the clothing industry. When a new trend arrives – basically from Apple, or once upon a time from Sony [Playstation] – designers follow….


Killing iBooks UI on iOS7

So I’ve updated the iBooks app in my iPad… It’s like death in an app.   White background all over is the new “sodomize and kill skeuomorphism”. Is…



Playing with C4D


Sound effector

Playing with C4D


Frogluslumps on earth

Those cute, chubby, shinny and creepy little monsters, the Frogluslumps are here! They are pronounced Frό-glous-slamps. They are everywhere and the are after our candy!  


Archigraphs Zoo on iBooks Store

Hey everyone, Archigraphs Zoo is in iBooks Store and you can download it for free. This Zoo is an inspiration of various illustrations designed over the years, refined,…


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly spaghetti western life of a freelancer designer in Greece

Being a freelancer designer has it’s good, it’s bad and it’s ugly edges. But in general, doing freelance work has more good and valid aspects than being an…


5 tips for freelancers designers in austerity-Greece

Being a freelancer in Greece was always a nightmare. Being a freelancer in austerity Greece with increased taxes and special state charges and the unemployment is a nightmare…


Apple’s UI designers + Windows UI = iOs7?

So, I watched WWDC 2013 last night like everyone else… After Steve Jobs’ death I am sceptic about Apple’s next moves on software UI, UIX as well as…

Archigraphs Zoo

So it was about a year when I decided Archigraphs should come out with a book or some sort. It was a vague idea of an illustrations project…


Free iPad & iPhone perspective mockups

      I’ve  always had a hard time to find nice iPad and iPhone mockups for my designs. The free mockups that have been circulating around the…

Archigraphs C4D logo

Archigraphs logo from Cyberella on Vimeo.


May the (Aka-Acid) font be with you!

Once upon a time there was a graphic designer who wasn’t rich to buy Greek fonts. So she called her friend to tell her the problem she was…


20 Awesome Web Apps

Useful stuff are needed to be shared and sharing is good for the soul! So I’ve managed to gather a load of web apps for web and apps…

Archigraphs app inspiration

Design inspiration for Archigraphs iPhone app.