Useful stuff are needed to be shared and sharing is good for the soul!

So I’ve managed to gather a load of web apps for web and apps developers and designers.

So here’s the list:



1. Color Lovers

It is a website that provides a bunch of pretty cool seamless patterns that can be used actually… everywhere! You can draw, paint and finally create and share your patterns.




2. StripeMania

We all use stripes to create textures right? Well here’s an awesome application where you can create stripes in all colors, gradients and sizes.




3. Striped Backgrounds

Design your favorite 5-stripe color combination and download it to the desired resolution. Pretty cool huh?




4. Tartan Maker

For all highlanders lovers, tartan maker makes tartan seamless patterns that will make even William Wallace jealous. Freedoooooom!




5. Noise Texture Generator

That’s my favorite! Instead of messing-up with Photoshop’s noise filters, this beautiful app generates a seamless pattern with any desired color. Kudos to Greek designer Andrew Ckor! Thanks mate!




6. Patternizer

In this app you can make your own various striped patterns. The app also provides the CSS code for your pattern. Pretty neat right?




7. CSS3 Generator

Are you new to CSS3? Well, there you go, you have now a clean-cut app that helps you with CSS code while choosing various styles.




8. Font List

So, you have a bunch of fonts installed in your computer and you have trouble finding the one and only for your project. Font List is taking a peak at your fonts folder inside the guts of your computer and creates a list. It’s pretty spooky but very useful.




9. Fillerati

“Lorem ipsum” no more! This app generates pseudo-text and creates HTML paragraphs to help you insert the text in your website. Simply click and the text is copied.




10. Cupcake Ipsum

A sweet, pink and cute alternative to “lorem ipsum”  pseudo-text generator. If you click the “give your text some love” radio button, you will get chocolate fudge delight everywhere!




11. Word to Clean HTML

For the non coders, this app is pretty useful. Just copy the text from your Word document, paste it and voila, you get a code ready to paste it in your HTML document.




12. UIJI

Here-here! An app for developers who need some help around jquery! Now there’s an awesome, dark and pretty web-app.




13. Font Custom

Now there’s a neat app for web designers! Font Custom gives a code snippet that helps you generate costume icon webfonts.




14. Cedvel

Illustrator can be such a drag when it comes in designing grids. But wait! There is an app for that! Design your own grid and download it in either SVG or PNG format.




15. Theme Roller

Wow, now that’s an awesome app! Create a website that rocks using Theme Roller. It generates the code, the style, everything!




16. MapBox

So, you are designing a website where you need a map or some sort. With MapBox you can customize your own map, colors and everything and paste the code in your HTML document, or application. Just brilliant!




17. Subtle Patterns

A smooth and subtle pattern generator helpful for almost any designer. Apps designers will love it!




18. Browser Diet

This web page is not really an application. It is a brilliant front-end guide for web designers and developers. Performance matters!




19. OverAPI

Oh yeah, hold your donuts developers cause this app is freaking helpful! All commands, everything you thought you knew about the platform you are using, is freaking here!




20. Genericons

So you need an icon and you don’t want to involve PNGs and stuff, well here’s an app that generates a webfont’s code and style. You can change size, color, you name it! Useful as hell!