Once upon a time there was a graphic designer who wasn’t rich to buy Greek fonts.

So she called her friend to tell her the problem she was having.

Her friend went bezerk!

She started a research upon the prizes of Greek fonts and found out that the font market is mainly a monopoly.

Furious as her friend was, she decided to design by herself Greek-Latin fonts for poor graphic designers.

She made a website called Aka-Acid and uploaded about 30 free fonts she designed.

At first she redesigned already freeware fonts and applied Greek glyphs.

Then she used Illustrator for some fonts.

Keep in mind that designing fonts is a time consuming and not an easy business, but she did it otherwise.

She never put a pay-pal account for donations and she never will.

She has designed more than 150 fonts until now!

And she is content that people download her fonts and use them freely, just like what her friend wanted!

Aka-Acid fonts can be used freely, can be redesigned by anyone, they cannot be sold or designed in order to be sold.

You may always give your love to the creator of Aka-Acid (heh, that’s me) here.