So I’ve updated the iBooks app in my iPad…
It’s like death in an app.



White background all over is the new “sodomize and kill skeuomorphism”.
Is this that Apple is offering as innovative UI design?
Well I’m sorry dear Apple but this sucks big time!



If this design mutilation happened for the sake of consistency, then it seems that imagination, innovation and inspiration just left the building.
IPad owners who use their tablet mainly for reading – as I do – will understand the ruined experience of selecting from a white shelve (?) [they are not even shelves, it’s just a freaking monochromatic background] and reading from a plain white background.
Whilst on iOS6, each application had its own personality.
Now on iOS7 every app looks and feels the same.
This everywhere-white-background notion has totally killed and then raped – in that order – people’s preference of Apple’s products.
If some people – hey, probably most people – purchased Apple’s products for experiencing a pleasant app environment then that’s gone bye-bye.
So why should I purchase the new iPad Air, when I can purchase a new Kindle which is cheaper and has the same interface for reading.

Sorry guys, you screwed-up this time.
Better luck on iOS8.

P.S.: Thank Nikolas Tesla* for having an iPad-One with iOS6 so I can still enjoy reading and selecting books from a beautiful wooden interface.